Book Club Back for September 2017

Book Club is back Monday, September 11th, at 7:00 pm in the one story center off the lower parking lot.

We’re discussing Jesus: A Pilgrimage by Fr. James Martin, S.J. Not a short book, so suggesting you read from the chapters on healing.

So that’s Chapter 8: Immediately / The Healing of a the Man with the Unclean Spirit; Chapter 10: Capernaum / The Healing of the Paralyzed Man; Chapter 14: Gerasa / The Gerasene Demoniac; Chapter 16: Bethesda / The Healing at the Pool of Bethesda; Chapter 17: Jericho / The Healing of Bartimaeus and Jesus meets Zacchaeus; and Chapter 18: Bethany / The Raising of Lazarus.

Per the last chapter (if the video doesn’t appear, try here):

Here are some of the paintings mentioned in the the book.





And here’s a picture from the Franciscan Guesthouse at the Church of the Beatitudes.


And the mosaic at Tabgha.



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3 Responses to Book Club Back for September 2017

  1. Nikole Slagal says:

    I have limited experience with St. Elizabeth Seton Parish. What is the name of the building off of the lower parking lot?

    • sesbookadmin says:

      Hi Nikole, good question! It’s known as the Conference Center. I don’t think there’s a sign though. It’s the older, one story building further away from the church (down the steps, further west, heading downhill, less close to El Fuerte Street, adjacent to the lower parking lot, where the religious ed office is). The newer Parish Center that has two levels, one contiguous with the plaza in front of the church, and a lower one opening onto the lower parking lot, is the wrong one. Our meeting room fluctuates … come on in. We could be right in front or way back through the kitchen!

  2. sesbookadmin says:

    Hmm, the video may be of a Psalm and not the Lord’s Prayer …

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