Lent 2021

Hello Readers,

Hope this finds you well these days.

And reading!

At some point we can discuss, or at least I can circulate some notes, about the Christmas book giveaway, Matthew Kelly’s I Heard God Laugh.

This Lent I have plucked out of the ever-growing TBR to be read stack an author I’ve always wanted to read, Romano Guardini. The book is The Last Things: Death, Purification after Death, Resurrection, Judgment, & Eternity. On a bit of a memento mori kick, not at all out of being morbid, but for cutting to the chase … Lord, what is the grace I need if this were my last day? Good old American efficiency!

Here is a memento mori Rosary YouTube

And how are YOU? How have your reading habits changed in the pandemic? Send thoughts and your prayer requests!

Happy Reading,


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