Book Club Short List & Meeting Reminder (Aug 2018)

See you tonight, August 13th, for St. Joseph: The Man Who Raised Jesus by Fr. Gary Caster, 7:00 pm, one story Conference Center off the lower parking lot. We meet second Mondays; upcoming mtgs in Sept, Oct, and Nov, and then we’ll pick up again in January.

Here are some future reading ideas. We’ll pick a few at our meeting:

>>>Big Thinkers (longer, deeper books, maybe for January after the break)

The Lord by Romano Guardini

Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton

In Soft Garments, Knox


I Burned for Your Peace: Augustine’s Confessions Unpacked, Kreeft

Enter Assisi: An Invitation to Franciscan Spirituality, Bodo travelogue element

Second Greatest Story Every Told, Fr. Gaitley — April for Easter / Divine Mercy

Faith of Our Fathers, Aquilina on patristics

Stages on the Road, Undstet (maybe for January?)

St. John of the Cross, Fr. Evans

The Art of Being a Good Friend, Black on saints

Joan of Arc Twain or Belloc or local author MacCarthy

>>Current Issues

The Art of Forming Young Disciples, Fritz


Pope Fiction, Madrid

Father Benedict: The Spiritual and Intellectual Legacy of Pope Benedict XVI, Day

Rich in Mercy or other encyclical

Jason Evert Saint John Paul The Great: His Five Loves

>>Supernatural Self-Help

Overcoming Sinful Anger, Fr. Morrow

Love Is Patient, But I’m Not: Confessions of a Recovering Perfectionist, Christopher West

The Catholic Guide to Loneliness, Kevin Vost

It’s Okay to Start With You, Hogan “self-care” in a Catholic lens

Not of This World: A Catholic Guide to Minimalism, Jaquith or Making Room For God: Delcluttering and the Spiritual Life, Sperry

>>Weighty Messages in a Lighter Reading Package

One Beautiful Dream, Fulwiler

Church, Aquilina and one other on Church architecture

Tattoos on the Heart, Fr. Boyle


Diary of a Country Priest, Bernanos … on Kindle


Mary in the Bible and Our Lives, Fr. Stinissen — May


13 Powerful Ways to Pray, Tobin

21 Ways to Worship, Flynn on adoration





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Book Club Reminder (St. Joseph, Aug 2018)

Greetings Readers! Reminder our meeting is fast upon us in a couple of days, this Monday, August 13th to discuss Joseph: The Man Who Raised Jesus by Fr. Gary Caster, at 7:00 pm in the one story Conference Center off the lower parking lot.

This is not a book that goes much if at all into how Joseph is depicted in art, pious legend and practice, or daily life at the time of Christ. It’s catechetical.

Next month September 10th is In This House of Brede by Rumer Godden.

We need to pick books for October, November, and January at our meeting. Also, if anyone can check Netflix (or has the DVD!) maybe we could hold a Diary of a Country Priest movie watching party.

Here is some art from This is from the 1960s and is in the Church of St. Lawrence (today’s feast day!) in Florence. Happy Reading, Karla


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