Welcome! If you want to know more about the faith, like reading, and enjoy lively discussions then this is an activity for you!

If you’ve never belonged to a book club before, the books are announced in advance and we all attempt to finish the book before the meeting time. The selections are focused on faith topics. First choice for future selections are given to books available in both paperback and e-book/Nook/Kindle format. Then we gather at St. Elizabeth Seton to discuss. And hang out too.

Do enter your e-mail address to sign up for e-mail notifications; please do so even if you can’t participate in the meetings right now.

Book suggestions are most welcome, and if you participate in other parish ministries or book clubs elsewhere, you are encouraged to discuss these book selections in those settings too.

Founded July 2013.

Questions and comments? Karla at karlaart @ yahoo.com or 760-929-0609.

About your Coordinator: Besides talking about books, and a day job I really like at a great local company, I have a studio at http://www.newvillagearts.org/art-foundry/ where I do oil portraits and collages. Happily back in Church and scrambling to figure out what’s going on by reading up on Catholic topics.

Wishing you an ever-increasing experience of Faith, Hope, and Love,

Karla Mulry


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3 Responses to About

  1. Nancy says:

    Looks great, Karla!

  2. S. Sullivan says:

    Sounds great Karla! I hope to participate!

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