Ministry Fair this Wknd — Can You Help?

Hello, I forgot to mention at this past weekend that this weekend, May 18th after 5:00 Mass and after all Sunday Masses, the Ministry Fair will have a Book Club table among the other tables in the Parish Center.

Manning the table means encouraging people to try the meetings out, to sign up for email updates, and to hand out the book list (provided I get around to printing it off). Can you take one post-Mass time? Especially on Saturday????? Thank you for your consideration.

There will be refreshments!

Forgot to mention as well during our Marian book discussion on Monday that it was the day for Our Lady of Fatima. Oh well.

Next meeting June(!) 10th I Burned for Your Peace: Augustine’s Confessions Unpacked by Peter Kreeft

Happy Reading, Karla

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3 Responses to Ministry Fair this Wknd — Can You Help?

  1. Omi Westlake says:

    Count on me after 5pm Mass.

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  2. Carol Castillo says:

    Karla, I would love to help but on Sat, my family and I will be volunteering at Father Joe’s and I’m already signed up to man the Funeral/Bereavement table after the 7:30 Mass on Sunday. However, if someone else shows up for that, I would be happy to scoot over to the Book Club table. ~ Carol

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