Chapter Picks for “God or Nothing”

… the intro explaining the format of the book; chapters one and two for the remarkable biography; and chapter seven on the gifts of faith, hope, and the nature of prayer. You may want to preview chapter seven and then work toward it from the intro.

Not discouraging you from reading the whole book but this one’s not a quick read. There is a lot to absorb about the regimes and geography of West Africa. There is a tremendous amount of material about the documents and operations of the Church. Priestly dedication and formation is incredibly impressive, along with Christians’ perseverance during a brutal regime. Much is said on how godlessness in the West inevitably leads to a lack of hope.

My lens will be on prayer; page 36 / location 476: Man is great only when he is on his knees before God.

Below is a map with some of the places in the book. Recent news from the region mentioned in the print edition that current leader of Guinea Alpha Conde, noted in passing somewhere in the book, was among those intervening. This article mentions some of the details surrounding independence, but this does a better job identifying the evil character of Toure’s rule.

Meeting is coming up February 13th.



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