Hi, there are short and long term opportunities to help keep our book club thriving. Your coordinator would like to get these changes sorted out before the upcoming April 9th / 10th Ministry Fair, as well as solidifying plans to staff the fair.

I am hoping several more discussions will be prepared and lead by one of you, especially this summer. I am also suggesting to try out the meeting at 7:00 on second Monday nights (pending facilities approval) instead of Saturdays.

What are your thoughts? I’ve broken out the steps for running the club into manageable pieces, suggested titles, as well as created a place for the fair sign ups, on this sheet. Please review.

The next upcoming meeting remains Saturday, April 9th, 10:30 am The Unseen Power of Prayer: A Catholic Perspective by Michael McDevitt. Lorraine will guide us (thanks Lorraine!).

Can you help by picking up a meeting or in other ways noted on the sheet? Thanks, Karla  BookClub@seschurch.org

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2 Responses to Opportunities

  1. Joanne Schenck says:

    Once i can drive at night, the evening meeting would be fine with me,
    I can be there for the Ministry Fair after the 9:30 AM Mass, if you would like. .
    Thanks Joanne

  2. Liz Littel says:

    Hi Karla, I know I have not been active in the last couple of book club meetings but for me Monday night is not an option. I’m sure it is better for many so whatever works for the majority is the direction you should go to get a better level of participation.

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