May Parish Book Club Reminder & Marian Resources

Hello, see you Saturday at 11 am or Tuesday at 7:00 pm in the one-story Conference Center at St. Elizabeth Seton in Carlsbad! May 8th / May 13th are here to discuss Under the Mantle.

Herb had a great suggestion to look at the Catechism and this topic is a great way to get started:

Home page:

“Therefore, before talking about Mary’s collaboration with God, it is worth discussing the basic principle that humans can cooperate with God” — I like this article’s emphasis on how our relationship with God in prayer affects others:

In my amateur opinion it may be helpful to distinguish between redemption and salvation when thinking about the terms Redemptrix or Co-Redeemer:

This is fairly technical and gets into the head and neck business that comes up in the book:

Here’s a video with Fr. Gaitley from the same order on Mary and Divine Mercy:

Just like school, there’s a handout along with the video! And it’s by Saint Pope JP II:

Happy 50 Days of Easter, Happy Reading, and especially, Happy Mothers’ Day! -Karla





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